If your bathroom is
dated and needs to be upgraded then Bath By Design is your solution.

A few months ago, we decided to
update our Master Bath and started the painful process in selecting a
contractor. We pursued estimates from all the big name places that
advertise on TV, as well as word of mouth recommendations for one-man
show tile installers.

Went through all the hassles like
high pressure tactics of:….”This is a great deal, but
you have to sign up today”. Or things like, “Yes we can
do it, but we can’t start on it for 3 months.” Or…”You
have to buy all the fixtures/accessories from our showroom.”
And…. The prices were all over the board.

Then we met Ray. I was looking at
the Internet for Bath Remodeling and found Bath By Design And called
them. Ray was the most polite to talk to even over the phone and was
the last person I called to get an estimate.

To make a long story short, Ray
measured everything and said he would email me an estimate where he
provided an allowance for tile, granite, shower heads, fixtures, etc
and if we chose something less expensive, our actual price would
lower. And of course, if we chose something higher end, then the
price would be higher. (Guess which one my wife chose?)

Ray and crews worked the project and
were the cleanest contractors that we have ever used. In cutting
tile, there is always a lot of dust, and Ray’s guys hung
plastic sheets over doors ways and put absorbent paper on the floors.
They also were continually running shop vacs to keep the dust
reduced and cleaned up. If you want a great job and a reasonable
price, Ray is your guy.

We had them
remove a 1980’s large Sunken Tub, three standard windows, and
our old single shower and transformed them into a huge 5 X 10 Tiled
Shower with rainforest heads, three box glass windows, and converted
the old shower into a Shoe Closet that holds 60 pairs of women’s
shoes. They also removed the old sinks and tile and replaced with
beautiful granite. The finished result is we now have an awesome
shower big enough for a party, granite counter tops and lots of
recessed LED lights throughout the bathroom and closets. The only
negative was it took two weeks longer than planned. However, we can
live with that, as the finished product and entire experience was
worth the wait. Below are some photos:

Jerry Scott

Encino Park, San Antonio, TX


scott shower



san antonio texas

rainfall shower