Shower Fixtures


Shower Fixtures

You Can Get the Look for Less


Want to wake-up your tired bathroom, but think the price tag might be out of your budget? Don’t give up so easily. According to Consumer Reports, while remodeling activity is down, it’s not out – especially in the bath. During a recent survey of homeowners, the bathroom topped the list of rooms for renovations. Luckily, there are many simple updates and unique products that can give your bath a custom-designed look on a bare-minimum budget.


With 30 percent of homes having at least one plate-glass bathroom mirror, why not create a focal point in the bath by adding a mirror frame? For approximately $250, there are a variety of products that offer a variety of five styles of customizable frames ranging from classic elegance to modern sophistication and come in a wide variety of metallic and wood finishes.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good coat of paint for your bathroom. A gallon of quality paint costs approximately $20 and is a great way to add some colour, freshen-up the walls or help pull the room together. And today, most paint manufacturers offer non-toxic paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as Glidden’s Evermore™ interior paint, to reduce gaseous pollutants in your home. These non-toxic paints are not only healthier for you, your family and the environment, but they are vibrant and durable as well.

Until now, eco-friendly alternatives have been less than trendy. Fortunately, for environmentally conscious homeowners, you can inexpensively swap your faucet to save water and update the look of your bathroom with the latest designs. Installing a new lavatory faucet with a water-saving aerator, such as one from the Banbury® bathroom collection from Moen Canada, allows water to flow at 5.7 litres per minute (L/min), versus standard flow at 8.3 L/min and reduces water usage by up to 32 percent. This traditionally styled collection will offer matching bath accessories this fall and include a tank lever, robe hook, 18” and 24” towel bars, paper holder and towel ring for a completely coordinated and beautiful look.

Most homeowners want to make their bathroom larger and enhance their shower. By installing a curved shower rod you can relieve both bath ailments and feel like you have an oversized, lavish shower without the remodel. Plus, it’s an affordable solution that provides up to 7 ½ inches of elbow room while adding terrific style and visual appeal. Curved shower rods are available in both fixed- and adjustable-lengths that offer easy installation and adjust to fit enclosures from 54” to 72” wide. To help complete the look, add shower curtain roller rings that are corrosion-resistant. Most are offered in today’s most popular finishes to complement any bathroom décor.

Wish you could replace your bathroom cabinets but don’t have the extra funds? One budget-friendly, quick fix is to replace the hardware on your cabinets and doors. Not only is it a simple, yet effective bathroom remodeling update, but it will make a huge difference in giving your space a new look. You can find the latest styles and finishes at home improvement stores such as The Home Depot, but be sure you update to a style that will match your other new accessories and paint color.



To help complete your budget-friendly bathroom renovation, bring in the finishing touches that make all the difference in a small space. Adorn your new accessories and curved shower rod with high-quality linens, such as a new shower curtain and towel sets. Add fresh flowers, framed, personal pictures, candles or a lamp for a decorative touch.


You can get the look for less! These simple projects can be accomplished with very little time or expense so you can start enjoying your renovated bath.